Why You Should Use Pneumatic Tools in Your Production Line

Why You Should Use Pneumatic Tools in Your Production Line

When you are manufacturing your products the tools you use need to be in good working order, downtime costs you money.  Many manufacturers are choosing to use pneumatic tools in production, this has proven advantageous over other tools and for good reason.  Let’s Look at why you should use pneumatic tools in your production line.

Cost Effective

Pneumatic tools cost less than electric, they have fewer moving parts and you can get a more powerful pneumatic tool for less than the cost of an electric tool.  The advantage to having fewer moving parts is they break down less often that means less downtime in production and less money spent replacing tools.


Pneumatic tools are made from high grade steel and aluminum and not plastic, this fits in far better in an industrial environment.  These tools are made to withstand wear and tear and with fewer moving parts you won’t spend as much time or money getting them fixed.  Maintenance isn’t complicated and you won’t be left waiting for an engineer to come and repair your industrial tools.  These tools are also easier for you team to use, they are lighter and you will have fewer on the job injuries.

Ease of Use

Unlike electric tools you can use pneumatic tools even in areas where there is no power.  With a portable air compressor you can use pneumatic tools almost anywhere.  You can use your industrial tools offsite or at a client’s location if need be.  While portable generators allow you to take electric tools, they use a fair amount of energy and it would quickly become cost prohibitive.  The cost of an air compressor is just a couple of hundred dollars whereas a portable generator runs somewhere in the thousands.  This works better for you if you work on big construction projects or in a rural area.

Adjustable Power Ranges

If you need to use a tool  like a drill then you’ll find that most pneumatic drills have variable speeds, even if you have one that isn’t technically a variable speed drill you can control the speed by the amount of air you allow to flow. Most electric drills don’t have variable speeds.  They also use less electricity to run, so if you have 20 drills working at the same time using so much less electricity can add up to a significant savings.

The tools are going to cost your company less to buy, you have the ability to use them almost anywhere for very little cost and they are extremely durable at the same time.  This is why so many manufacturers are switching to pneumatic tools.